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Looking for the right drywall contractor might take time because of the numerous thing you need to consider. However, the two very important things you need to take care of are testimonials and work versatility. These are the two things MVC Painting excels at, making us the top drywall contractors in Palatine, Arlington Heights, and Schaumburg, IL.

Our professional handymen will not leave any imperfections on your drywall. Moreover, through their experienced workers, you will get the best finish and comfortable working schedule in your house.

We understand the importance of your privacy, and we respect it. Therefore, we offer schedule flexibility, allowing you to choose when you want to get your drywall installed or repaired according to your comfort.

Get the best drywall services in Palatine, Arlington Heights, and Schaumburg by contacting us through our website or calling us at (847) 483-4724.

Repairing and Installing Drywalls

Drywalls are an essential element of any modern home. Being portable, lightweight, fire-resistant, and so much more, drywalls are a staple part of homes in the United States. However, much like concrete walls, they require expert attention while being installed and repaired.

Most construction workers, local painting businesses, and drywall specialty businesses handle any issues with your drywall. It is best not to engage in drywall installation and repair by yourself. Hire a local drywall repair contractor such as MVC Painting for all your drywall work requirements.

Keep on reading to read more about our drywall installation and drywall repair services.

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    Drywall Installation

    Installing drywall from scratch is not a straightforward job. Not only do they need to be strategically placed, but they also need to be taped and prepped for several coats that will give the wall its sturdiness and glossiness.

    A professional will carefully prepare the wall for installation, place it properly, and layer the surface smoothly. Professionals have the proper knowledge required to create a consistent and secure drywall mud that acts as the basis of the entire wall’s longevity.

    When drywall mud is applied poorly, you will see a lot of clumps, rough, and uneven spots on the surface. Since drywall is supposed to be smooth and glossy, clumpy drywall is exceptionally undesirable.

    If you love Palatine, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, you can trust MVC Painting for high-quality drywall installation. The right professional service allows your home to have the fresh and high-end look it should have.

    Drywall Repair

    Drywalls are known to be sturdy, rugged, and pressure-resistant surfaced when appropriately installed. However, they can be dented, punctured, or chipped when not maintained properly.

    You can see requirements for repair as small as a penny and as big as a fist.

    While minor faults can be fixed at home with the right tools, getting larger holes and imperfections require professional attention. A good handyman can fix any size of drywall damages at ease.

    A handyman will patch the area with a joint compound, add a mesh tape or patch on the hole, and take extra steps to blend the patch and compound with the rest of the wall.

    The more experienced and skilled your drywall contractor and handyman are, the better the drywall will be blended with the wall. With the right quality of the powdered mix, a handyman will create their own joint compound to patch up the wall. Moreover, a handyman from MVC Painting will sand the surface well to make it look as good as new.

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    Hiring a drywall contractor for your drywall installation and repair needs is the right choice to make. Even though you can find several drywall repair kits in any hardware store, using them is a different story. Hire MVC painting to get the highest quality drywall installation and repair services in Palatine, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, and the surrounding cities.

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