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Skylight Windows: Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance

Skylights are a great way of getting some sunlight in the room. Moreover, they are also great for getting rid of unexpected leaks from your roof since roof protrusions are prone to leaks. To get the most out of your skylight installation, it is necessary to hire a professional to repair, replace, and maintain the skylight properly.

Get Skylight Window Services In Palatine, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, and the Surrounding Cities 

If you have a skylight window at your home, it will require maintenance and repair at some out of time. If you live in Palatine, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, and surrounding cities count on MVC painting to provide you quality skylight windows services.

Through our services, you can rest assured in terms of pricing and quality. Our seasoned handymen use top-notch equipment and techniques to repair, replace, or maintain your skylight windows.

Make the most of your protruding wall with a well-managed skylight window maintained by MVC Painting. You can visit their website or call (847) 483-4724 to hire their well-experienced professionals.

Skylight Maintenance

Skylights are very beautiful. However, they need quite a lot of maintenance. Skylight windows have to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out to make sure that the view is clean and the roof is not leaking.

Maintaining your skylight window also includes glass maintenance and checking if the window is interfering with the room’s temperature regulation. Contact a roofer when you see any issues with the skylight to avoid getting huge repairs in the future.

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    Skylight Replacement

    Sometimes repair might not solve the problem of leaking. Therefore, you will have to get the skylight replaced by a professional. Skylight replacement is very similar to replacing an entire window, the only differences being the location and the flashing attached to the skylight.

    A professional will remove the several shingles and remove the existing skylight from its location. The skylight window will have to be lowered into your house for complete removal. Then, a new skylight is installed and caulked into the right place before the flashing is installed.

    The professional will then ensure if the flashing and the skylight window are tight and fixed properly. After this, all the shingles are put into place to complete the installation and replacement process.

    Skylight installation and replacement is not a straightforward task and should not be attempted by homeowners themselves. Only a professional can ensure tight and proper installation.

    Skylight Repairs

    Most protruding roofs will make it difficult for you to avoid leaking. If your skylight has been leaking likely than not, there is a problem with the roof itself and not the skylight. Although, before you get help from a professional, you need to check if you have closed the skylight properly.

    If the skylight is completely closed, all your need to get done is ticketing and proper sealing around the skylight. However, if these things do not help, your skylight might need any of the following repairs.

    Leaking Flashing

    Skylights are lined with a flashing under the shingles that keeps the water out. However, the flashing can break down after years of usage and can cause water to enter your house. A professional can be recaulked and resealed to fix the leaking to fix the problem.

    Damaged Frame

    As your skylight gets old, the frame can be damaged, especially if the area you live in freezes. Repairing a damaged frame is not a difficult task done by a professional. With some silicone caulk, a professional will seal the leaks and forming to solve the problem.

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    Skylight windows are a beautiful addition to your home. They add natural light to your room while increasing the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings. They are also a great way to utilize a protruding roof and preventing it from leaking frequently. Hire a skilled professional today to utilize your protruding window to its fullest.

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