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Are you a fan of natural décor and styling? Are you looking for an organic way to characterize your house, but even numerous plants are not enough? In that case, you should consider food siding.

What Is Siding?

If you’re a fan of keeping your home natural, you can either get a green roof or cover your house’s exterior with earthen plasters or natural lime. However, none of these things are compatible with every home exterior and do not look as good as wood siding.

Wood siding is the process of covering your home’s exterior with natural wood. With the numerous wood options, there is almost no home type and surface that cannot be clad with wood. Wood siding is the best organic way of covering your home.

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Have you made your mind regarding the wood siding and are excited to hire a contractor to dress your house in Palatine, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, and the surrounding cities? There’s no need to go beyond MVC Painters since they provide the best services in the area.

Our skilled professionals are well educated on all types of woods used for wood siding and can pick the best according to your requirements. We only use the highest grade of wood for our wood siding jobs without compromising durability and quality.

Our skilled painters paired with our wood siders will make your house look like no other in no time and at an affordable budget.  Visit our website or call (847) 483-4724 to get more information and hire our services.

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    Why Is Wood Siding Popular?

    In about 2017, vinyl and cement sidings were extremely popular. Almost every house featured them. However, none of the two things were good for the environment and increased the homes’ energy footprint.

    External wood siding not only is wood siding great for your home’s aesthetics, but it is also carbon neutral. Therefore, when the wood is sourced from sustainably-managed forests, you will be doing absolutely no harm to the environment.

    Wood siding is also not as expensive as other options in the market, allowing the home to be built beautifully in a budget-friendly manner.

    Types Of Wood Used For Wood Siding

    Wood siding requires a lot of understanding regarding the different wood and methods utilized in the process. Below are some of the woods popularly used for wood siding.

    • Cypress: Extremely durable and standardized wood siding material for old houses.
    • Cedar: Perfect for naturally repelling insects. It gives a log-cabin look and feel to the house.
    • Redwood: Exceptionally durable and safe of shrinking and expanding. Low maintenance material for house cladding.
    • Pine: Affordable but requires high maintenance. Great for short-term wood siding solutions.

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    Wood Siding is extremely popular in the USA for specific reasons – it is practical, economical, and environmentally- friendly. Therefore, you should hire experts such as MVC Painting to dress your house in wood at affordable prices.

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